Thursday, 29 May 2014

Open letter to the members of EUCO: Respect our vote

Dear members of EUCO!
We, the European people voted for a new European parliament on 22-25 of May.
I, along with many fellow Europeans are deeply concerned over the fact that EUCO are having serious trouble with accepting the results of the election and to
let the European parliament majority nominate the next commission president.
This is a outrage and a scandal beyond party politics. It's a betrayal to every European citizen who took their responsibility for Europe and for the future of Europe and voted in the election. If EUCO won't except the results it's nothing but a betrayal against democracy and every value and purpose that our union is built on.
I strongly urge all members of EUCO to get your act together ASP... Failing to do so will mean the end for any aspiration to build a better Europe!
The people's confidence in your leadership is at stake!
Mathias Darmell

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