Saturday, 25 October 2014

What competences should the EU have?

What competences should the EU have?

Let's look at it from two perspectives, a pragmatic perspective and a democratic perspective.


Internal solidarity strengthens our possibility to do more at the right place at the right time for those who seek a safe harbour in Europe. 

Effectiveness and cost efficiency demands a common migration authority.

Border authority's such as customs, and coust guard. 

Once again it's all about effectiveness and cost efficiency. 


28 independent armed forces is very costly and ineffective. Talk about wasting tax money for no good. 

Pan-European police force against organised crime 

Organized crime is a threat to our values and to our open democracy and its not limited by borders.

Foreign policy  

It's about Europe's credibility and diplomatic strength. 

 Guarantee for democracy, rule of law and human rights for all Europeans

Europe by and for its citizens. 
Only a European constitution and Suprem cort can grant every Citizen equal rights. 

The inner market (the four freedoms)

The inner market needs central control and management. 

Minimum environmental standard

The environment is a global problem and a global asset. We must have a European minimum standard on every environmental policy. The world also needs a strong European voice in the fight against climate change. 

Minimum standards on other areas

when demanded by the inner market or from a citizen perspective.

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