Thursday, 30 January 2014

Our strength lies in our goals and our arguments

You can not measure what the European union has meant for Europe's democratic and economic development in the postwar period. 
From the historic turmoil in Europe, no one can imagine a Europe without the ambition to unify the European pot of historic good and evil and create a stable Europe for its people.. 

The Union has built a foundation which rests on its citizens. It is now up to us to build on this foundation and create a democratic and stable Europe, that not only Europe needs but the globalised world 
needs. We don't have a easy journey ahead of us, the resistance is established and sometimes economically strong, but our strength lies in our goals and our arguments. 
European Parliament is sadly not the institution that determines our future, it is up to EUCO and our national governments, but the elections in 2014 to the European Parliament is without a doubt the best tool in the near future to set the agenda for our struggle for a better and a more democratic Europe. We must therefore gather all our strength and courage to take the debate whenever the opportunity is given.

With democracy we shall win more democracy!  

Sunday, 26 January 2014

I call for a PAN-European referendum

Europe needs to move forward! but it wont happen if we continue with the national battering we have in the council.

I call for a PAN-European referendum on a democratic federal European constitution. Let the people decide about their future. This referendum should be followed by national, on or off referendums in every member state.
This is the federal way, more democracy and in some cases more Europe and in others less Europe.

This would put an end to the unions within the union, it would mean no more first and second class citizens and it would mean that we could see the creation of a European federation of citizens. 

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

A internal borderless Europe is far from a reality in 2014

Schengen is in reality nothing more than a loose agreement between some European "states" which means increased freedoms for their citizens to move freely and without passport checks still exist. During the last few years we have many examples on how arbitrary this agreement is. 
The excuses could be and has been many for the states to break or improvise with Schengen, but no excuse has been particularly reasonable. Too often, it has been an expression of a power struggle at the expense of the citizens.
Truthfully, Schengen is a half hearted attempt from the beginning to bring the people of europe closer and to create a sense of citizenship, atleast it would appear so on paper. 

Here is why:
  • Schengen don't include all EU states and therefore not all citizens.
  • The Schengen area don't have a common border authority.
  • Some EU states want to limit the freedom of movement all together for all or some citizens. 
      A internal borderless Europe is far from a reality in 2014 and the freedoms of the citizens are more or less constantly being attacked by national leaders. 

      Federalism is about securing democracy and diversity in Europe.

      "Federalism means sharing of sovereignty and dividing power and competences. Federalism means no monopoly of power, no unique power center, but a number of power centers. Hence, federalism means democracy." - Herbert Tombeur

      Most Europeans needs to be informed and educated on the essence of federalism before they can fully take part in the debate about European future, because the debate is largely about federalizing the union or dismantling the union. Sadly, sceptics still compere a federal Europe to a imperialistic super state. Nothing could be further from the truth but it works well for them and will do so until federalist manege to reach out to the masses and educate. 

      Thanks to internet and social media the possibilities are greater then ever. Federalists have a unique opportunity to get the message out all over Europe and this in times when the future of Europe more then ever is open for the people to build there own future. 

      Federalism is about securing democracy and diversity in Europe. 

      Sunday, 19 January 2014

      Democracy can give confidence back to the people.

      The European Union is not a western project, the eastern states have just as a big role in the building of the European house. All the people of Europe share the same struggle for democracy, safety and economic development, then and now!

      The freedom that was won by the people in the eastern states during the late eighties and early nineties gave the union a much needed injection of development and enlargement.

      The current economic, social, political and democratic crisis could do the same for the union.
      The European Union needs a new injection of democracy in all "levels" of government from the north to the south to the heart of Brussels.

      Democracy is the way forward for Europe and only more democracy can give confidence back to the people.      

      Tuesday, 14 January 2014


      EuroMaidan is a great and a very needed inspiration to all Europeans and to our everlasting struggle for unity and democracy in Europe. We stand together in our struggle to always better Europe and against all attempts to weaken the people, our unity and our democracy. Thank you!

      Saturday, 4 January 2014

      European identity

      European identity is just as real and authentic as any local or regional identity in Europe.

      " United in Diversity" sums it up pretty well, but I'll try to describe, according to me what is our European identity.

      It's hard to find a place on earth where all or even a majority's of the people share a general identity. I think you must search in isolated tribes of indigenous people to even come close.

      In most democratic parts of the world, just like in Europe, countless identities coexist with each other, locally, nationally and in larger unity's. They are cultural, political, religious and even academic identity's. Its not always without conflict but still in coexistence and with different levels of integration among themselves.

      The European identity is found in and around us. Not least culturally where local and regional identity's are clear and strong on there own but just as clearly intertwined with other local and regional identities. It is equally evident in the political struggles that's been played out in Europe, where we currently, without taking something for granted can say that democracy and freedom have taken the longest straw across the continent. I don't stick my neck out by saying that no fight, no struggle and no victory for democracy has happened separately from others in Europe.

      Europe has been the centre of two world wars, the Cold War and that's only in the last 100 years. Europe is also the place where the industrial revolution took off and changed conditions drastically. Religion had its borderless fights for century's. In all this, Europeans has for more than 1000 years intertwined in social, cultural and economic enterprises that shaped and developed Europe.

      Many women and men from all over Europe have fought and sacrificed there life and limb for liberty and peace so that Europe would achieve what Europe is today.

      It is not possible to hide from our European heritage and identity, just as we cant forget the traditions of the community that we where born in. If we do, we do nothing but lie to ourself and our children.