Friday, 30 May 2014

Take a look at this great initiative from PDU

Thursday, 29 May 2014

Open letter to the members of EUCO: Respect our vote

Dear members of EUCO!
We, the European people voted for a new European parliament on 22-25 of May.
I, along with many fellow Europeans are deeply concerned over the fact that EUCO are having serious trouble with accepting the results of the election and to
let the European parliament majority nominate the next commission president.
This is a outrage and a scandal beyond party politics. It's a betrayal to every European citizen who took their responsibility for Europe and for the future of Europe and voted in the election. If EUCO won't except the results it's nothing but a betrayal against democracy and every value and purpose that our union is built on.
I strongly urge all members of EUCO to get your act together ASP... Failing to do so will mean the end for any aspiration to build a better Europe!
The people's confidence in your leadership is at stake!
Mathias Darmell

Monday, 26 May 2014

The political extreme

The political extreme and anti-EU groups don't divide Europe, they divide community's and people.

Sunday, 25 May 2014

I won't rest

Fascism, rasism, populism and fundamentalism is the biggest threat to a better future for Europe.

Democracy and federalism is Europe's best hope for a better future for Europe.

I won't rest until we have a European constitution that can guarante every single European it's fundamental rights. I hope that all of us will commit do work even harder in comming years to reach that goal.

I will also commit to run for the parliament in 2019.

Don't blame me

Don't blame me. I voted!

Monday, 19 May 2014

Did you pay to vote?

If you payd money to vote in the Eurovision, I'm sorry but you must be a sucker.

I'm voting for free, in the European parliament election. My vote will last for five years and it will protect my democratic rights and it just might help Europe to go in the right direction and create new jobs for all the young Europeans struggling to get by. My vote could bring hope and inspiration to all our friends in Ukraine who are fighting for their rights and their freedom. This election is political, so it is ok to raise your voice about injustice and about your dreams.

EUs berättigande

EU har ett stort demokratiskt berättigande genom att unionen bildats på frivilliga fördrag mellan Europeiska medborgare i modern tid, baserat på gemensamma grundläggande demokratiska värderingar,  gemensamma behov och gemensamma utmaningar i den moderna världen.

Få nationalstater kan mäta sig med det. Få så kallade nationer har bildats genom ömsesidig vilja och i samförstånd utan oftast genom militärt maktspel, assimileringar och utrensningar. Väldigt få nationalstater har varit konstanta sedan de bildades. Demokratin i Europas nationalstater har i olika takt vuxit fram under dom senasta 150 åren och genom utvecklingen föddes idén om det demokratiskt enade Europa och bygget pågår fortfarande.

Friday, 16 May 2014

European democracy isn't ours to give away

Europe's democracy isn't ours to give away, it belongs to our children and grandchildren. We just borrowed it from those who fought, died and won the democracy that we all lean on.

They gave democracy to us so that we could build on it and make it better and stronger for every generation. This democracy have been challenged many times but never as much as right now, before the European elections and comming member-state elections.

How do we handle this?

I want to see a broad coalition on EU level and on national level against all totalitarianism, rasism and division. At the same time all of us who sees the threat must reach out to those who don't and show the strength of democracy in action. We must use all democratic weapons we have to fight the undemocratic forces back.

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

The fight for democracy never ends

If you want you're democratic and human rights, you must demand them for everyone.
Ever sense the end of world war II, Europe's democracies and their strive for reconciliation and unity have been a model for democracy and freedom activists all over the world.
But in the turmoil following the financial crisis dark forces are once again doing their best to divide and concur. That doesn't mean that Europe are back where she was in the 30s. No, in 2014 the 500 000 million citizens are among the best educated in the world, We also have a collective memory of the consequences and nightmares that fascism and communism brought to all Europeans. Hopefully this put together, means that when it comes down to it every sensible European will turn it's back on these ideologies and values.
But we aren't in the position to be naive. We must take a collective stand against all strives towards dictatorship and division, starting at the European elections comming week. Europe and Europeans can't afford to waste a single constructive seat in any parliament in Europe.
Democracy, liberty and our freedom can't be taken for granted, it's actually being threatened everyday and fight for democracy can never end!

Sunday, 4 May 2014


Imagine if everyone who woted in the European elections in 2009 could convince just one person who didn't to vote in this year's election the turnout would break the roof.

Does it sound like a crazy idea? Maybe, but imagine how the idea of European elections would of sounded in 1950. You get the point!

EP2014 will probably have a impact and consequences far beyond the mandate of the European parliament. So if we can make this happen I'm certain that the impact and consequenc will be positive for the voters and therefore for Europe.

Let's show the world that Europeans care about democracy and that European values are worth saving.


Saturday, 3 May 2014

A way to fight poverty in Europe

The best way to fight poverty in Europe is  through freedom of movement for all European citizens without any compromise to that freedom.
The freedom of movement should also be complemented by an EU-funded establishment support for unemployed who are willing to seek work or education in another EU-state. Or let's call it for what it is, a investment! The three months rule must also be scrapped at once.