Sunday, 2 March 2014

A letter to Martin Schultz

Dear President Schultz!
No one with their eyes open can deny that Europe stand at a crossroad.
May 2014 the citizens of Europe will vote for a new parliament. This will be a election with importance far beyond the framework of the European parliament. This election will set the direction for the Union in times when we are forced to reform ourselves out of the economic, social and political crisis.
What the European voters need in times like this is a dream, faith and a vision for a bright and peaceful future.
Europe need a leader who can present that dream, that vision and bring back faith and hope to those who lost it during the crisis.
Also, that leader must be able to transform that dream and vision in to action.
Mr President, what are your dreams and visions for Europe?
How would you like to restore faith in EU democracy?
What reforms are needed to secure growth and create jobs?
What role shall the union have in the defense of Europe?
Are you the leader that the people and the future of our union needs?
Mathias Darmell

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