Wednesday, 14 May 2014

The fight for democracy never ends

If you want you're democratic and human rights, you must demand them for everyone.
Ever sense the end of world war II, Europe's democracies and their strive for reconciliation and unity have been a model for democracy and freedom activists all over the world.
But in the turmoil following the financial crisis dark forces are once again doing their best to divide and concur. That doesn't mean that Europe are back where she was in the 30s. No, in 2014 the 500 000 million citizens are among the best educated in the world, We also have a collective memory of the consequences and nightmares that fascism and communism brought to all Europeans. Hopefully this put together, means that when it comes down to it every sensible European will turn it's back on these ideologies and values.
But we aren't in the position to be naive. We must take a collective stand against all strives towards dictatorship and division, starting at the European elections comming week. Europe and Europeans can't afford to waste a single constructive seat in any parliament in Europe.
Democracy, liberty and our freedom can't be taken for granted, it's actually being threatened everyday and fight for democracy can never end!

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