Monday, 28 July 2014

Hungary can't go both ways

Hungary's PM Orban have ever since his party Fidez came into power with a impressive 2/3 majority in the parliament, shown the rest of Europe that he don't have a problem with compromising on democracy, rule of law and freedom of press.
After the latest national election, Orban could secure the 2/3 majority, this have made him confident and clearer with his vision for Hungary.
In a resent speech Orban was very clear that he wants to build a "illiberal state" on nationalistic grounds. What he means with "illiberal" is clear, he wants to dismantle democracy and democratic values. Orban even goes as far as naming Russia and China as models on how to organize a nation.
It gets really scary when his 2/3 majority means that he actually has the power to change the Hungarian constitution.

Orban is without a doubt leading Hungary away from the modern, democratic Europe and towards a system, not for the people but for the state. Towards the dark ages of the 20th century.

It's time for the rest of the EU to make a stand on Hungary. Orban can't go in this direction and at the same time think that Hungary can stay in the union.

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