Tuesday, 26 August 2014

The pro-European "forces" in Britain are remarkably quiet

The pro-European "forces" in Britain are remarkably quiet when it comes to Cameron's and other Tories attacks on democracy, human rights and on Europe.
Why is that?
I know you do exist in rather big numbers, in all levels of the "British" society. But why are you so quiet? Why don't you wage a war on this neanderthal politics that Cameron stands for?
When it comes to the liberals they've seem to have sold their soul to the coalition. What about Labour? Are they scared of loosing voters to UKIP or are they just lost in the British political circus? How does this democratic vacuum affect the Scottish independence vote? How will a Scottish independence vote influence northern Ireland?
The questions are meny and so is the mystic and the darkness surrounding the political development in Britain.

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  1. Could it possibly be that there is no popular support for the eu? Just maybe, maybe that's it. Probably not what you're hoping for...

    Anyway - my estimation, is that by and large there is no support of the eu - there's a large body who have no opinion on it whatsoever, but from my experience there is a majority of those that do express an opinion that is largely negative.

    Sorry - I know it doesn't fit your world view, or fit in with your wish-o-sphere - but I expect my truth is closer to reality than yours.

    Bon voyage on the seas of self delusion!