Sunday, 1 February 2015

Modernisation and true reform of Islam

Modernisation and true reform of Islam can only become a reality if the States that is dominated by Islam are democratised and opened up to the outside world. The medieval view of Islam and the Quran is strongly related to policy and it dominate governance in many of these countries. Mainly because of political interests. The Islamic countries that have pursued a more moderate view of Islam and of religion as a hole have been characterised by other internal and external conflicts for a long time and its been a fertile ground for Islamists to spread their message and to recruit misguided youths on.

Christianity was modernised and liberalised when the policy of Christian country's did. Not on its own.
In Christianity we see that there is a return to a more conservative and literal view of the Bible. Even of the Old Testament that is once again being politicalised. This is linked to the political unrest and partly to instability in the West and in many other parts of the world.

If we are to combat religious and political fundamentalism we must build from below and from an international perspective. It's impossible to hide from the world today.

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