Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Are EU failing? No, but the integration has outgrown EU systematics and structure

5 years of crisis in Europe have created a media image that often shows the image of a failed European project.
The crisis is very real to most people but the media image is far from true.

European integration has had over 60 years of unparalleled success when it comes to creating peace, stability and economic development in a troubled part of the world.

But why has Europe failed to alleviate the consequences of the global financial crisis?

It is clear that Europe lacks the effective governance that today's level of integration along with the globalised world requires.
In other words, European integration has outgrown its own costume.
Few European leaders have accepted this fact.

What needs to be done so that Europe will get that required, effective governance?

The sentences go apart, but most of those who are familiar with the conditions for Europe, agree that the solution is deeper integration in some areas. Especially in the banking and financial markets.
Europe's federalists, sees the need for a political union in order to create effective control and governance of our common interests. Even among federalists there are different views on how a federation would look like, but the strongest voices speaks of a federation of citizens, not by States which, among others, the commission president advocated for in his State of the union speech in 2013.

Europe will be reformed and the debate is well under way among politicians but particularly among concerned citizens. What kind of Europe do we want to build? What clothes suits the future of Europe and its citizens?
Take part in the debate and contribute with your voice. Only if we do, we can build the Europe that the future and our children deserve.