Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Eurosceptics biggest fear

American Steven Hill writes a great article about the democracy deficit in the EU. http://www.social-europe.eu/2013/06/europes-democracy-deficit-putting-some-meat-on-the-bones-of-habermas-critique/
One piece especially captivated me.
"Many of the ‘less Europe’ critics of the democracy deficit are scared to death that European governance actually might become more democratic, since that would confer greater legitimacy, and what they really want is for each European country to retreat further inside its own castle walls."
It confirms my own experience and the feelings I have from my debates with Eurosceptics.
There 'arguments' are very seldom constructive. They lay all there energy on what is bad and on what needs to be dismantled. Eurosceptics often use very strong words, just to be extra clear that there message comes across.
In lack of arguments many sceptics turn to comparing EU with Nazi Germany or the Soviets.
My experience from debates in social media, tells me that most Eurosceptics are more interested in the romantic picture of a nation state, that no longer exists, then about pragmatic solutions and the common good of the people.
To quote my self: Nation states are about what's good for the nation. Federalism is about the common good of the people.
A rather provocative assertion that Eurosceptics to often confirm in debate.

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