Wednesday, 27 November 2013

The year of citicens

2013, the year of citicens draws to a end and it would be fitting to make a short evaluation.

YOC was initiated by the Union as a means to get closer to the people or perhaps the citizens closer to the Union.

What's the result? 

The first question should be if the majority of the citizens are familiar with the YOC and its purpose.
The second question, if it brought them closer to the Union.

Something that must be raised as a very good example in this evaluation is the vice presidents citizenship dialog. It is unprecedented in European and national politics that a leader of this magnitude are meeting with citicens for a open dialog in this way.
The dialogue, however, would have made a greater impact with better media coverage and a greater commitment and support from national governments.

On the negative YOC just confirmed  that European institutions is a extension of national governments and therefore lacks the ability to single-handedly push for closer ties to the citizens.

My conclusion is therefore that Europe needs independent democratic institutions acting within a given mandate independent of national governments. This means that national representation to the union must be independent from national governments. (more on this later)

YOC was without a doubt a great attempt by EU institutions to narrow the gap to its citicens but without the right tools to properly succeed.