Sunday, 30 November 2014

Another speech by Cameron

Cameron did it again. Another speech, where the British PM think he has the right to blackmail the people of Europe. 

As a European I refuse to be quiet and let a national leader threaten us to take our rights away.

Cameron needs to turn his focus to the British debate about the British future because when Europe reform we reform together and it will happen on a mandate from the European people, not from one or two nation-states or leaders. 


  1. Blackmail is a factor of the everyday mechanisms of the european union - why do you think the unwilling MEPs travel every month for 3 days between Brussels an Strasbourg? The reason is blackmail - France demanded that there was an institution of the EU on it's soil as a pre-condition for agreeing on a completely unconnected case. It also demanded that it could veto any attempt to change this. And so today as a result we pay for 13 tons of paper to be shuffled back and forwards between Brussels and Strasbourg, and for shuttling the 751 MEPs + accommodation + pay for a building and support services which stand idle except for 3 days every month.

    Why aren't you complaining about that?

    Or the hugely wasteful and again blackmailed into law Common Agricultural Program (which incidentally mostly benefits the French) - this swallows the majority of the eu budget.

    These and many other examples exist in the back room deals being done probably as we speak.

  2. PS - I'm not saying blackmail is a good thing - I'm saying that it's endemic in the eu. And Britain demanding control of it's borders is a very small thing compared to all the other blackmail induced silliness in eu dealings and mechanisms. Britain is not in fact blackmailing anyone - it's saying it would like permission to control it's own borders. It may put the issue to it's people if it does not get satisfactory answers - this is called democracy - something sadly lacking in the eu.