Sunday, 9 March 2014

Cameron and Europe

British Prime Minister drives a European policy and a campaign that means that a number of common rules would be scrapped. Cameron have repeatedly turned against Europe's environmental rules governing the minimum standards in environmental protection. Cameron also criticized Europe's labor rights and freedom of movement.

The conclusion is that the conservative Cameron does not believe that European environmental policy is too lame and that the big losers of Cameron's European policy is without a doubt, the environment, labor laws and the free movement of citizens .

Cameron also wants to renegotiate the British membership. It's primarily about the membership fee and the British rebate. It's not about saving necessary pounds to the British exchequer but in practice what Cameron believes that Britons should contribute with to the smaller economies in the Union. In other words, solidarity and one of the Union pillars are under attack.
This is what Cameron calls British leadership in Europe.

At home, Cameron plays on nationalist winds by criticizing the EU and especially the forces that want to reform by democratizing and federalazing Europe.

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