Sunday, 22 June 2014

What distinguishes the European flag from national flags?

What distinguishes the European flag from national flags?

It is in my opinion, a big symbolic difference.

The national flags represents national unity and even uniformity. It can symbolise historical military victories and in some cases the memory of old empires. Its symbolism is based on a romantic view of national unity and the conservative, "way of things". In a modern liberal democracy, its values ​​don't really exist, because individuals desire for personal freedom and independence don't allow it.

The European flag represents something else, such as reconciliation and transparency between the people of Europe. It symbolises unity in diversity, in the new post-nationalist world order. The flag don't require your 100% loyalty, instead it creates conditions for diversity on both individual level and in a cultural aspect. A unity of democratic values!

The unity and diversity that the European flag represents should be highlighted much more in our society and in such a way that it brings out the meaning of why Europe share this flag.

The best part of Europe's flag is that it never will set against any European national flag, just compliment them.

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