Thursday, 7 August 2014

Take democracy seriously, or you don't deserve it

The turnout in the European elections was the lowest in the history of the parliament.

Thousands of grassroot activists around Europe was working very hard to turn the negative turnout in the European elections in to a positive, but it didn't give the result that Europe needed.
Their work wasn't only about convincing Europeans to vote, but also to advocate for a better and more democratic Europe.
The small steps that was taken for a better democracy, with the presidential candidates wasn't enough and media across Europe didn't help to promote the democratic development and definitely not the hard work of the pan-european grassroots movement for democracy.
Without naming any names, the national leaders of Europe have a huge responsibility for the low turnout. We must let them know that!

The consequences of the election results, including the low turnout are the so called success of the far-right populists. How this will effect EU policy in the comming years is uncertain, but it will most likely effect the results in comming national elections and give more air under the wings of leaders such as Victor Orban.

And finally, if we the people don't take democracy more seriously, we don't deserve it.

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