Saturday, 8 June 2013

Training in EU democracy

A Swedish school class of 17 year olds along with 440 other students from Europe won a trip to the European Parliament in Strasbourg. The purpose of the trip was to learn about Parliament's work and function.
Students tried out for a day what it's like to be a parliamentarian. They got in mixed groups to submit proposals which they then voted on.
Some issues that were voted on and passed was that Europe would form a federation, that Europe would adopt a common school system and that all exemptions should be abolished.

This is a prime example of training in European democracy. All students may not be able to go to the European Parliament but the idea can be implemented in any school, anywhere in Europe.

A common European school system is probably some distance away but to introduce a European 'democracy' day in all European schools each year for this kind of training would be fully realistic and vary useful.