Thursday, 27 June 2013

Quotes from Letter NO 2. European federalist papers

To the paper

I'm just gonna give you some educational quotes from letter NO 2. No need for comments.

Quote 1.

"Every resident is, within his own house, sovereign with respect to the way in which he or she wishes to live: with or without a carpet, with a couch or camping furniture, sleeping until noon each day, deciding on whether or not to follow a vegetarian diet, whether or not to give the children a Christian education et cetera. However, the care of the roof of the building, the maintenance of the elevators, the heating, the water and the cleaning of the stairwell, are all matters of common interest. The individual occupant cannot and is not expected to deal with these common aspects. For the costs of these, an amount (service costs) is charged, managed by a board, elected by all owners, deciding on the implementation of the common interests. The same is true of any changes in the set of powers of that board. No hierarchy: the board has nothing to do with what you do within your own home. In essence, this reflects a federal organization."

Quote 2.

"The intergovernmental system is hierarchical. That system prescribes – so to speak – that everyone should have a shower at 08.00 o’clock, for no longer than five minutes, and have a vegetarian meal every Monday."

Quote 3.

"It takes only one incompetent politician/professor/journalist to associate ‘Federation’ with ‘Superstate’, for the trouble to start."