Thursday, 27 June 2013

Comment on paper No 1 European federalist papers.

To the paper

"If you have to cut down on your national agenda in favor of a greater general interest, you always return home as a loser."

What could be more true in European politics today?

Our national leaders are so depended on scoring short term points to get a head in the national polls, that the common good of the people often are neglected or comes, second hand.

How could it come to this? Our union was created for our common good. Not so one could say, I'm the winner. 
The author blames the system of intergouvermentalism. I agree!

Intergouvermentalism is a system that long ago got outrunned by the  growing European integration. It's a governing system that lost every connection with the citizens and therefore have no accountability.

The crisis that still hunts the people of Europe, have in a scary way made it clear just how inefficient and out of touch this system is.

"The European Union is being eaten away from within. And that is caused by the actual structure of the intergovernmental system."

Once again I agree!

The system creates more division then unity. Us and them mentality, that only creates short term winners and long term losers.

No one could imagine there member state being governed with a similar system for obvious reasons.

"As a result, we now have in the European Union no fewer than four persons who may argue that they are President of the European Union: the President of the European Parliament, the interim President of the European Union, the President of the European Commission and the President of the European Council. Who could ever create a situation like that? What organization can cope with this?"

This quote says it all!

Can anyone of these presidents be held accountable? Who answers to the people?

We need Europe, Europe needs us, the people!
It's about time that we demand and build a system where the power comes from the people.