Thursday, 24 April 2014

What's different with British nationalism

The difference between British euroscepticism and nationalism from most other EUmembers are the tone they have in the media ( including public service ) and among many established so called "moderate" politicians, against Europe and other Europeans. It's often very hard and unjust in every way.

Even when it comes to moderate pro-Europeans the focus is on British leadership in Europe and not about unification, stability or the common good of the European people.
I do generalais but it's this picture that comes out of Britain to the rest of us. And we aren't impressed!

I can see how fragile the political situation are in the UK at the same time as No. 10 and big parts of media points fingers at the rest of Europe. (EU, works as the famous scapegoat again)

The special relationship that the UK seem to want with the EU after the new deal is another example of Britain not knowing it's place as a equal member of the European family.

The UK is apart of the European family and I hope that the British Europeans will come to that conclusion very soon, once and for all.

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  1. I think you should stop using "we" and use "you" - unless you consider the one "agree" you got as a majority?

    "Knowing our/your place" in the English language is a very nazistic type phrase and - I would advise you to refrain from using it if you want to influence people. I'm guessing you didn't know this - if you did then you deserve your lack of support.

    I agree with the eu being used as a scapegoat for everything - it's one of the reasons the eu is very popular with British (and other) politicians. You may or may not know that all of the major UK political parties are pro-europe. The main problem is that the people are not. Which is a democratic deficit in itself. However a lot of the negative view of the eu from Mr and Mrs Brit is from three sources; the politicians using the eu as a scapegoat (as mentioned), the negative media (media moguls don't seem to like the eu for some reason), and the actions of the eu itself (Brussels-Strasbourg, bananas, CAP, etc.)

    So you see that the only real ally the eu has in the UK is in fact the major political parties! Cameron is only reacting to the very real anger coming from the people - perhaps justified, perhaps not.