Thursday, 24 April 2014

The crisis in the UK that we don't talk about

Are the UK on the brink of a breakup?
The kingdom is divided on more then one front. EU, Scotland, Northern Ireland. What will happen if Scotland votes yes to independence? What will happen if the rest of the kingdom leaves the EU?
How will separatists in Northern Ireland act if Scotland becomes a republic within the EU?
What will happen with the monarchy and the common wealth? What would happen to England and Wales if Ireland and Scotland joins schengen?
Or turn it all around: The Scottish vote no, on independence and Cameron don't get a new term in office, what happens to the referendum? What would happen with the support for UKIP and how will they and other nationalists and populists act in this different scenarios.
The questions are many and the answers are just speculations.

What we can say without a doubt is that it is a nationalistic and populistic mess and that it can't come any good out of it for the common people. This is Cameron's legacy!