Monday, 7 April 2014

Hungarian nationalism is on fire

Hungarian nationalism haven't made Hungary or Europe a better place.
Instead we have seen concentration of power and unacceptable compromises with democracy and the rule of law.

Just as all European populists and nationalists, the Hungarian government blames EU and the rest of Europe for their own problems and shortcomings.
EU work's as a great scapegoat for Orban and his party Fidez who with great success managed to hide their "personal" agenda by making the EU into the enemy.

What will happen next?

If the "new" government continues on the same path of nationalism and questionable reforms, Hungary's future within the union is very uncertain if not even impossible. ( with great sadness )

There are lessons to be learned for the rest of Europe from Hungary's political development.
When you start accepting nationalistic rhetoric it's like playing with fire and when the fire spreads it's very hard to put the fire out.

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