Wednesday, 26 June 2013

A comment on European federalist papers and the draft for a federal constitution

The European federal letters are arguably one of the most important initiatives in the European debate and presents important ideas for democratisation and the federalisation of the modern Europe.
Another important factor is that the letters, the writers and the readers are ordinary citizens.

I will in a series of posts comment on the letters and in some cases share constructive criticism to create debate.

In this post I look at a paragraph from the draft of the Federal Constitution.

Section 2, second paragraph:

"Eligible are those who have reached the age of thirty years and are registered as Citizen of a State of the Federation during at least seven years"

In this section I get stuck at the age limit, which the authors suggest to be 30 years to be eligible  to the Assembly.

What is the problem?

1. I believe that the right to vote and the possibility to be elected  should not be separated.

2. The elected Assembly should represent the entire voting population, regardless of age, sex, religion, etc.

3. Discrimination cannot be accepted by principle.

4. The strength in diversity also applies in this case.

I would like a serious debate regarding this issue and I await comments from the author(s).